Nelson Strange was born at Area 51 Indian Springs, Nevada. Son of air force Sargent Neil Murphy. Nelson a 2nd generation Georgian Cossak who's grandmother came to America as a trick horse rider in the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show with Ringling Bro's Circus. Nelson raised on Chicago’s Southwest side where his  studies began in music, fist with piano. Teacher Dennis Musial struggled with Nelson who was only interested in learning and playing Ragtime music. Dennis forced the basics with a focus on sight reading and classical music. After having abandon piano at age 13 Nelson dove deep into  Blues music. Listening to late night radio classics like Big Bill Collins on WNIB "sittin in the basement on his beat up of orange crate".  

Lucky to be a Chicagoan, Nelson soaked up the blues. Sitting at the feet of  greats like John Lee Hooker, Buddy Guy, Left Dizz, Dion Payton, Michael Colman, The Chief Eddy Clearwater. Chicago in those days offered a great array of venues to see your blues hero's. The  CheckerBoard lounge, Kingston Mines, BLUES. BLUES etc, Rosa's, Little Holwing wolfs, Uncle Remus at LAke and Halsted.

  Nelson has been lucky to have  shared the stage with Valerie Wellington,

Bo Diddly, Pete Galanis and many other Chicago luminary's.

 Working in the recording studio with legendary Chicago blues masters such as 

Guy King, Kenny (Beedy Eyes) Smith

and many others. Sitting in on a session in 2018 with the legendary

Johnny Winter. 

  Over the years  Nelson has developed into a song writer and composer as well as becoming something of a recording engineer.

Producing commercials, demos, and album projects for clients eventually this leading to his own CD release in 2017.

Master engineer Blaise Barton, Brian Leach, Cameron Blietz have all been instrumental in Nelson realizing his music.

They created  an all-star line up on the 2017 solo release, “Repercussions”. 

Seems as if Strange is on a roll. Sign up and share your thoughts on the new music to come.