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digital or tape backup?

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

While we are all home helping to end this virus.

I hope that we all will walk away from this experience with a profound appreciation of what is important abut being human.

Learning to fill our days with activities no longer beholden to the numbers on a clock.

That said I have learned that it is very important to schedule your days.

Adhere to a real time line of activities, chores and personal growth.

Dig into that closet and pull out that project you've been wanting to do for years.

Sort you photos into a times line book. Write that short story, learn an instrument.

Fix some furniture.

I decided to pull out my box of old cassette tapes. Many old live rehearsals, but the most fun and rewarding was finding my old 4 track recordings.

Song ideas that I had recorded years ago I was just a kid experimenting with reversed rhythm tracks and odd delay techniques.

These recording were done before digital editing and

My knowledge of recording was very limited.

I find these recording to be really fascinating.

All done mostly 2 or 3 tracks, improvised live, no edits and all the effects.

The most remarkable thing I discovered while going through these tapes is that they are near 30 years old. Having them around and they still sound ok - it's remarkable.

Had this been digital technology, on a hard drive, etc...

I’m not so sure they would be available for me to access. The drive probably would no longer function or have been corrupted. Perhaps lost, erased, or any number of scenarios.

We all know the terror of lost data.

These recordings would have been lost into the ether.

It is cause for serious consideration.

This would apply across the media board. Film, art, audio.

Honestly, going forward. I may begin to make backups of my music on tape.

Something to think about.

Everyone take care, beware. Don’t go out yet!


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