Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Latest news and music

A new batch of songs is being written and recorded currently

The mastered tracks should be available by fall 2022.

I will try to post the songs as "demos" as we finished them before the release which can be fun to witness the progression of the song evolving. 

Thanks for all your support, stay strong and remain individual.



Session with Gordon Gallahger

Dear friend Gordon from Scotland arrives in the Tucson studio for some original recordings.

Soul Shine


Weaver / Strange

After moving to Tucson in 2021 John and I have began recording and writing together.

Here is the first in our efforts.


The Reaper

Something Gordon sent over and I sang to . One and done. no over dubs just live and real as music should be.

you'll never beat the reaper IDeas 1 1
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Waynes Neighbor

My friend Wayne was living in a halfway house with some real characters. This guy in particular had a interesting perspective,. I sampled his rant and put music to it. The fucking whack job.

I dont agree with anythign this fool said, but it was so remarkable I had to use it.

wayne nieghbor part 1
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