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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Latest news and music

June 2023-New release just dropped Nelson  Strange 22 Check it out on all the streamers!

July 2023 - Live at Montrose Saloon

July 2023- Live acoustic at

La Maison El Septimo- The Dust Brothers



Session with Gordon Gallahger

Dear friend Gordon from Scotland arrives in the Tucson studio for some original recordings.

Soul Shine


The Reaper

Something Gordon sent over and I sang to . One and done. no over dubs just live and real as music should be.

you'll never beat the reaper IDeas 1 1
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Waynes Neighbor

My friend Wayne was living in a halfway house with some real characters. This guy in particular had a interesting perspective,. I sampled his rant and put music to it. The fucking whack job.

I dont agree with anythign this fool said, but it was so remarkable I had to use it.

wayne nieghbor part 1
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