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Practical Solutions to 6 Common Remote Work Problems in the Age of COVID

When you work in the entertainment industry, you’re used to a faster and more social pace. That can make getting used to self-isolation much harder. You may find yourself in need of a new side gig or two while you’re waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to run its course. However, there are many issues that can come up when you are forced to reduce your business activities or work entirely from home. The following practical tips and solutions can help you overcome seven of the most common work-from-home conundrums.

Finding Flexible Freelance Opportunities

Need to find a remote position to hold you over until you can get back to performing regular shows? If so, you should start checking out job search platforms to find freelance remote positions where you can put your creative skills to work without ever having to leave the safety of self-isolation. You could even create a work profile and advertise your freelance skills to increase your chances of obtaining work and generating income.

Set Yourself Up for Success

When it comes to working from home, especially if it’s something you’re not used to, it’s important to set the stage for productivity. This means finding an appropriate workspace where you can be productive. It’s also important to have the right tech, like a laptop or even a printer, as well as a reliable internet connection. Don’t forget too the need for a solid digital security plan to keep your networks and devices safe from viruses or malware.

Dealing With Feelings of Isolation

Feeling isolated right now is completely natural, especially when you are more accustomed to being surrounded by lots of people at events. Overcoming these feelings of isolation when you are working from home can be as simple as taking breaks to socialize online, practicing some soothing self-care or networking with other entertainment professionals online. You can even think about adopting or fostering a pet, to feel less alone and do some good.

Developing a Work-from-Home Routine

Distractions are not the only challenge you may face when working from home for the first time in your career. Without an office to work in or meetings to attend, you may find it difficult to find a work-from-home routine that keeps you motivated and productive. With added COVID-19 stress, finding this rhythm can be even tougher, but you can start by overhauling your mornings with meditation and mindfulness, both of which will encourage you to stick to a regular routine.

Finding Engaging Ways to Stay Active

Beginning your days with meditation is an effective way to wake up your brain but you may also be struggling to find practical ways to wake up your body. With gyms and yoga studios closed, missing out on those morning workouts can cause you to feel sluggish and unfocused. Thankfully, there are plenty of fun and free workouts available online, to help you stay healthy.

Dealing with Added Financial Stress

Last but most certainly not least, if financial worries are keeping you from staying focused while you work from home, know that there are resources available to help you. From small business loans to stimulus payments to utility help, there are ways to get the assistance you need to stay afloat amidst all of the coronavirus closures and restrictions. Reach out for help when needed.

Working from home can feel weird when you are used to working fast-paced events, but adapting to these new norms is crucial for keeping your career on track. So, find the resources you need to thrive while you work remotely from home.

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Article contribution by Lisa Walker

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