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Guitar Revelations at Six String Ranch; Austin, Texas

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

I spent last week down south, Texas proper.

The weather was sour, rain and cold. It mattered not to me as I spent my time in the recording studio: The Six String Ranch, with the master of stringed instruments, Matt Smith.

He led me on path of enlightenment, a glorified revelation, centered around the guitar.

If you struggle with understanding any concept of theory and how it relates to the guitar; if you desire to grasp the ability to communicate your ideas to other musicians: I highly recommend Matt.

Nelson and Matt Smith
Nelson and Matt Smith

Don't sell yourself short with your expression. It is who you are, it's why you're alive.

No one is a fool who pursues their dreams.

Contact The Six String Ranch if you want to really learn a stringed instrument.

Thank me later,


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